Session appearance

Whether it is a single, an EP or a full LP; I can help you get the most out of your music and take it to a new level.P1020696resize

I’m offering my services as a professional musician and will feel happy to participate in any project that’s interesting and refreshing.

These include the following options :

  • recording services as a session appearance;
  • analysis of song structures, harmonic progressions and melodic lines;
  • development and improvement/enhancement of the music attractive/appeal of the piece;
  • arrangement and re-arrangement of the different guitar-parts;
  • any compositions required and specifications according to the requirements of the interested.

I use state-of-the-art gear that include:

  • Ibanez (8 string) and Schecter (7 string) electric guitars (EMG pickups);
  • Woodfield classical guitar;
  • Mesa boogie stereo power amplification (2:90) and pre-amplification (Tri-axis);
  • Rocktron Intellifex effects and Line 6 (Celestion) cabinets.

Prices and fees will vary depending on the complexity of the music, the urgency of the recording schedule and the amount of tracks to be recorded and/or enhanced.

So if you are interested just send me an email (or use this CONTACT FORM) and we’ll speak about your needs and what type of services I could provide for you.