“Wanderlust” hits the street!!!

As you would already be aware of by now “Wanderlust” hit the “streets” on Friday 27th November and is available both in physical and digital format.

You can get it in all the big major stores such as iTunes, Google PlayBandCamp, etc; as well as in my own personal merch store BigCartel.


Also, to all the awesome people who funded and helped one way or another to bring this baby to life I will be eternally grateful and just be aware that your perks are already on the way if not there yet!

“Attraction” full track

To give you a little taste of what is all this fuzz about I’m gonna let you hear to a complete track from “Wanderlust”.

This track is called “Attraction”and it has some interesting time signature changes and some nice melodic lines!

I really hope you like it!

Release date and PRE-ORDER!!!

So this is the moment I’ve been waiting for a looooooooong time!

“Wanderlust” will hit the streets FRIDAY 27th of November, 2015.


– you can purchase it in the brand new online merch store and it will be shipped to you the same Friday after the release.


– if you can’t wait you can PRE ORDER it and get it before everybody else for just a couple of extra bucks.

CLICK HERE to check the brand new merch store and now more about the EP, shipping, credits and more…



Artwork Revealed!

I’m extremely happy to announce that the artwork for “Wanderlust” is now done and I’m getting quite excited about this!

All drawings have been made by the talented Ignacio Monereo, to check some of his awesome art CLICK HERE





Wanna listen to the “EP”?

I’ve added to new short videos with the audio to be released!

Head on the VIDEOS and check both teasers for 2 of the tracks of the EP.

The tracks are called

1) “Time to sleep”

This track is dedicated to all the people that work really hard and deserve a good, long, uninterrupted rest to break the routine, the daily stress and every-day noises that distract them from their real goals (whichever they are).  That rest that once arrives embraces and sinks all anxiety in relaxation and peaceful stillness.

2) “Attraction”

This one was the first track to be composed and specially reminds me of my friends, so I dedicate it to them.  I usually tend to smile when this track start, so I guess that is something good!

Enjoy this short, but nice, teasers for now; and stay tuned because I’m planning on doing some more cool videos!


More news…

Following my latest post on the EP I have some other updates for you:

1)  I’ll be playing this Saturday 4th of July at the National Concert Hall with the GuitaRIAM ensemble.  Check more HERE

2) I’ve uploaded some COOL VIDEOS concerning the “Wanderlust” EP fundraising campaign with some snippets of the tracks.

3) New “The Anesthesia Relapse” video uploaded! For more info about this CLICK HERE.


“Wanderlust” update

Greetings my friends!

I’m happy to let you know that “Wanderlust” is almost ready now! All the audio has been recorded, mixed and mastered between December and February and the end result is just audiotastic!!!

We are currently working on the artwork with Spanish artist Ignacio Monereo and hopefully it will be ready soon enough!

I’ll keep you updated with drafts of the artwork and maybe some audio snippets???

Stay tuned! and meanwhile check these cool pics from my Instagram account with footage from the studio!

Jazz on!

Cool updates!!!

The website has been updated and some cool stuff has been added to it.

Here are new interesting things you will like:

More news on the status of “Wanderlust” soon to be posted!!!