Wanna listen to the “EP”?

I’ve added to new short videos with the audio to be released!

Head on the VIDEOS and check both teasers for 2 of the tracks of the EP.

The tracks are called

1) “Time to sleep”

This track is dedicated to all the people that work really hard and deserve a good, long, uninterrupted rest to break the routine, the daily stress and every-day noises that distract them from their real goals (whichever they are).  That rest that once arrives embraces and sinks all anxiety in relaxation and peaceful stillness.

2) “Attraction”

This one was the first track to be composed and specially reminds me of my friends, so I dedicate it to them.  I usually tend to smile when this track start, so I guess that is something good!

Enjoy this short, but nice, teasers for now; and stay tuned because I’m planning on doing some more cool videos!


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